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The Best Plugins and Widgets for the Catholic Faithful

I don’t know html code. I don’t even know if that’s the right way to say I don’t know html code.

It’s a good thing that somebody else knows how to program computers and create widgets and plugins for people like me.

They have made it all so easy.

Theology and morality used to be a lot like html code for me. I thought I needed to figure it all out. I had to be the expert, figuring out what was right and what was good. I had to sort through two thousand years of code – and I had to get it right.

Eternity weighed in the balance.

Being Catholic – well, it’s a relief. The Sacraments are a whole lot like the plugins that make this website work.

The widgets, well, they are a lot like sacramentals. I don’t have to have them, but they sure help.

My plugins do everything. They protect me from Spam and hackers, they provide me with contact pages and social media buttons, and they just keep the whole thing working.

Yes, they are a lot like the Sacraments.

They keep me up and running. They keep me connected to brothers and sisters in Christ – and to Jesus Christ Himself.

The Rosary and prayers and novenas and my Miraculous Medal, the sacred books and my Magnificat and my Bible, the Holy Water font and intercessions of the saints – they are the widgets. I can activate them at a moment’s notice. They enhance everything else.

I suppose there are many who are great at computer languages. They can code anything. But they borrow on all that was done before them – even if they are too proud to admit it. They have not reinvented the wheel. Nobody could come up with all of this computer stuff alone.

That, too, is like the Faith.

We are standing on the shoulders of all who came before us. Saints. Mary. The Apostles. Jesus Christ Himself.

Thanks be to God – we do not have to figure it all out ourselves.

In case I haven’t said it lately, it sure is good to be Catholic.

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