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Now More Than Ever

Ten years ago, when my father passed away, I was in the habit of praying each morning.

After Dad’s death, I entered that prayer time with more anguish, more need. But I still kept that appointment with God every morning – thanks to an older daughter who would watch her little sister so that I had quiet time alone with the Lord. During those months of grieving, the lives of the saints came to me through books – first a book I found in Dad’s library by St. Augustine. Then, I discovered St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila. I experienced the beauty of the Communion of Saints – not that I was a saint then, not that I am a saint now. But the Saints came to me. They led, and I followed.

It all was one journey, a journey that began when I was a child, became more difficult when I was a teen and young adult, was almost abandoned when my non-sacramental marriage ended, and was radically renewed when I became Catholic. During that season of grief, I would listen to a Gaither Quartet song. The lyrics seemed to sum up my life, and I encountered moments of grace as I listened to that song.

This morning, as I prayed and read Scripture in much the same way as back then, the name of the song came to my mind. And I listened to it again – with Catholic ears. And I had to smile. The song still describes me – now more than ever. Blessed Lent!




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