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Israel: T-Minus One Day

May 18, 2014 -Last night, I finished reading the Gospel of St. Mark. I read them out of order – Luke & John, then Matthew & Mark – but I did read them all. And now, I am ready to encounter that fifth Gospel. The Holy Land.

Estimated time of departure… T-minus one day.

Lord, help me to remember that today is Your day. Sunday. Quiet this racing mind. And thank you for helping me to get that suitcase packed – even though I keep realizing that I still need something that I packed in it. But it means that the bulk of what I must do is done. It saves today for You. If I can’t quiet my heart and soul today for You, how can I ever quiet it in the Holy Land? This is good practice. An exercise in contemplation while in the tsunami of travel plans.¬†If I can order the racing¬†thoughts to “stand down” on a Sunday in May, then maybe I can find that place of contemplation that I so want to have when I am there… where You walked… where Your mother walked… where everything began.

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