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And so it begins…Domestic Flight

Just before take-off, a flock of birds took to flight outside my window.

He gives flight to the birds. He also gives flight to my soul.

I shall mount up with wings as an eagle. And I pray that I shall walk and not grow weary, run and not grow faint, as we journey through these holy places together.

I have prepared in every imaginable way, except physically. My backpack is already too heavy. I will be leaving the laptop in my suitcase at the hotel most days, I think. This iPad is much lighter. And it does the job.

It is dark outside the window (yes, I have a window seat to Newark). And Mark Doman is singing softly through my new Bose noise-canceling headphones. (Thanks, Hon! Love them!) All in all, a very good beginning to this pilgrimage – if one forgets my mad-scramble to purge the extra pounds in my suitcase just before check-in. My quick-temper raised its head. But now, I am eight pounds lighter- though I only needed to purge four pounds. So, there is some wiggle room on the return flight.

I miss John and Jen. It feels like a retreat. So quiet.

But tomorrow, I connect with the other travelers.

Blessings, friends!








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