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Two Questions Every Presenter (and Catholic writer) Should Ask

Lisa Johnston | Denise Bossert, Catholic By Grace.

I just signed up for Prezi. It is supposed to revolutionize the speaking industry. It’s Power Point on steroids. Animation. Interactive. So, I’m learning the ropes.

Prezi sends me emails to keep me engaged. One of the latest emails included links to helpful websites for speakers.

Seth Godin was on the list.

Seth says, “Before you start working on your presentation, the two-part question to answer is, ‘who will be changed by this work, and what is the change I seek?'”

These are two important questions for those who give talks. But I would posit that they are even more important questions for Catholic writers to ask as they work on books (and articles).

Who will be changed by this book?

What is the change I seek (or that the Lord seeks)?


I immediately started thinking about the book I just completed. The book Ave Maria Press will release in about six months. Did I have an answer for both of those questions?

Yes. Instantly, yes!

The book is for every Catholic. Every. Single. One.

What is the take-away–

How can I give birth to Jesus Christ in my world? In my sphere of influence? How can I model everything I do after the one who did the whole Christ-bearing thing best? Mary.

I wanted to hop to my feet and shout. Can you imagine what would happen if every Eucharist-loving Catholic got that?! If we each became the true Christ-bearers that we have been called to become?

We’d set the world on fire, like St. Catherine of Siena once predicted.

So there it is. My two-fold question.

It’s all written down… ready to ship out. Which means just one thing:

I’m ready to go from writer to speaker – and even Seth Godin would agree!

If you are interested in having me speak to your group or parish, here is the link to CMG Booking.

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  1. Sharri O #

    Love this! Spoke to me on many levels… you’re awesome!

    June 21, 2014

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