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Special Pilgrimage Opportunity for Potential Group Leader: when the parish goes on a pilgrimage together.

Lectors, Cantors, Ushers on Pilgrimage31

The philosophy has grown with me until it is a love, a desire, and need I have – and one perhaps you will find is your own love, desire, need. I think it is one of the greatest blessings a parish family can experience.

It is the opportunity to make a pilgrimage together:

As friends,

Lectors, Cantors, Ushers on Pilgrimage30









As husbands and wives,


Lectors, Cantors, Ushers on Pilgrimage15












We celebrated Mass daily on our pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and one of the most amazing things I witnessed was the joy I saw when the laity took on the roles they assume at daily Mass when they are home in the United States. Now, they were asked to share those gifts in the Holy Land. In places like the Basilica of the Annunciation. The Church of the Visitation. The Mount of Beatitudes. And their fellow parishioners who had joined them on the pilgrimage experienced a great grace as they witnessed these sisters and brothers doing what they have done so often – though locally:


As lectors for indoor Masses,

Lectors, Cantors, Ushers on Pilgrimage12









As lectors for outdoor Masses,


Lectors, Cantors, Ushers on Pilgrimage19









As responsorial Psalm readers,


Laity, Cantors, Ushers on Pilgrimage26









As cantors,


Lectors, Cantors, Ushers on Pilgrimage10









As ushers,


Lectors, Cantors, Ushers on Pilgrimage23









As servers (and yes, even children who are on the pilgrimage and are altar servers back home may be a server on your pilgrimage),


Lectors, Cantors, Ushers on Pilgrimage28









But now, the laity who assist the priest at Mass may do so in the land of Our Lord’s homeland. Right now, Select International is offering a special promotional trip to the Holy Land to future group leaders. This is your opportunity to bring this incredible blessing to your laity. Let me know if you would like more information about this special promotion for potential group leaders.Facebook Message – Email Via

To see of list of prominent leaders who have become pilgrimage leaders through Select International, go to their website.

To read about the great leader benefits with Select International, go to this page on their website.


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