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When Sleeping In Past Nine Is A Good Thing

I slept late a couple of mornings this past week.

A strange thing happens when I sleep late. I dream some of my most fascinating dreams.

I’ve been pondering this morning’s dream for a while.

I was a teacher in a classroom. It was the first day of class. The students were given “love thy neighbor” names, a year-long version of secret Santa. There were a few differences. They weren’t to give gifts. Their only job was to make that school year the best-ever school year for the students that became their neighbors.

The students weren’t to know it was the same for everyone. They couldn’t know that the person on their left was also tagged with making their year the best-ever. Or that the person on their right was tagged as well with the same objective. Otherwise, the students would then begin charging their neighbor with not being as nice. They would gauge the level of reciprocity. That would never work.

So, they would just think it was a coincidence. Each one would think it an odd coincidence, at least for a while.

And then, in my dream, I realized that the same year-long “love thy neighbor” project should be implemented at home.

My husband.

My daughter.

The people who live under my roof.

What would change? Would my objective make it so – would it really become their best year?

Then, the dream threw open the doors on the whole project. What if nations took up this new year’s resolution?

Our goal this year is to make it the best year ever for Mexico. For Canada.

Israel and all the surrounding nations had the same objective.

India and Pakistan.

I didn’t feel sad. I didn’t sense the total impossibility of it all. It was just a dream. And this was just an idea in the middle of a dream.

I had only one resolution this year: That my life would glorify God to such a point that His Light & joy touched the lives of others.

Call it my subconscious mind. Call it grace. Call it whatever you want to call it, but I think the dream is a good starting point.

Who is my neighbor?

Let the Light of Christ shine on that one.


(Everything resets Monday. Back to early mornings and days spent writing and editing. But it has been fun sleeping late with my husband-who-is-my-neighbor. Love you, Hon!)


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