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Day One: Traveling to Jordan


It makes me laugh to myself when people ask me if I’m scared to travel to places like Israel or Palestine or Jordan.

“No.” I tell them. Besides, I’m thinking, I wouldn’t do anything at all if I listened to my fears—those worst-case-scenarios. Forget them.

This morning, as I stepped into the shower, it was lightening like crazy. Somewhere in the back of my head, I remember hearing that you shouldn’t take a shower during a lightning storm.

I took a shower any way.

The other day, my daughter went for a run down our lane and decided to take our labradoodle for the run. The cows in an adjacent field weren’t too thrilled with Max. Every time my daughter ran past them with the dog, the mama cows would charge—well, charge is a little strong. They would sort of hop toward her with their clunky bodies while the requisite bull looked on in boredom. It was the wrong time of year for him to care about the females.

I watched from the patio window and wanted to yell at my daughter to bring Max inside or wait until the cows went down to the back part of their pasture.

I kept my mouth shut.

On Tuesday, my grandsons came for a visit. They took turns on the Big Wheel. The older two thought it was great fun to roll down the slope in the backyard, whiz past the Mary garden, and come within a foot or two of the corner by the basement’s bulkhead doors.

Okay, that time I did mention to the boys to be careful and aim in a slightly different angle when they launched from the patio.

The point is, fear is paralyzing, and the things we fear keep us from enjoying the best things in life.

And those fears rarely—almost never, ever, ever—materialize.

So, no. I am not afraid when I travel internationally.

The flight is the scariest part, and that can even be fun. The little girl in the seat in front of me from St. Louis to Chicago laughed the whole way. The. Whole. Way.

So. Be not afraid.

No kidding. Don’t be afraid. Isaiah 41:10

Because, mostly, there is a great big wonderful world out there. It is very good. (Genesis 1:31) Thanks be to God.


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