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When Bullied, I go silent


There really isn’t very much to say on this. But I think there may be many Americans – especially Catholic Americans – who feel like I do right about now.

Stop belittling me, political bulldogs.

I’m voting issues this year. I think I always have voted issues. I’d like to like the candidates more, but really, it has always been about the planks in the platform of a particular party.

Please stop telling me what I should read or think and how I should vote. Quit telling me that only an idiot would vote the way I plan to vote.

I have been bullied before. I respond one way. Like children who are bullied, I tend to go silent. Sure, I have an outburst now and then.

But mostly, I decide what I am going to do and keep to myself.img_8867

There is one kind of bullying, though, that opens my mouth rather than closing it. One kind of intimidation that gets me animated rather than retreating.

When my faith is under attack.


This year, more than any other year, faith is under attack. Politics and religion are in a battle. Freedom of Religion is threatened. Catholics are being belittled. Christianity is being silenced.


These are issues that really matter to me – because they go to the heart of religious liberty.

I would like to retreat – as I did in my first marriage when I was bullied, as I did in a particular workplace when I was bullied, as I did in a couple of false friendships/relationships over the years.

If you are 18 or over (voting age) then you have experienced it. You have been bullied. Almost nobody escapes being bullied at some time during those first 18 years.

Those who want to vote the issues and for them the conservative issues are the issues of greatest import… it is time to┬ástand up.

You can bully me, but I won’t let you bully the unborn.

You can bully me, but I won’t let you bully the 2,000 year old Christian faith.img_6809

You can bully me, but I won’t let you scoff at the Little Sisters of the Poor.

You can bully me, but I won’t let you implement roadblocks for school choice for those who need it most.

You can bully me, but I won’t let you intimidate and mock and silence people of faith.

You can make it be about personalities and past mistakes.

I’m looking at the future, and you are a bully. You want to bully your way into a position to place men and women on the Supreme Court so that we will all be bullied.



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