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Spiritual Arrogance and the Unborn


I dislike spiritual arrogance.

When I came into the Church in 2005, I could barely keep myself together when I received the Most Blessed Sacrament in Holy Communion. That Jesus Christ would come to me, truly want to come inside me and reside within me, Real Presence, His Flesh, His Blood in me…I was so shaken by this overwhelming love, that I would only receive the Eucharist on my tongue.

Then, a couple of years later, I noticed some receiving casually when they went forward to receive Jesus Christ.

I was in line for Holy Communion when I saw it. Sure, I had seen this before, but this time, I was irritated. Not just irritated, I had the thought, The way I receive is so much holier than that.

By the time I was standing in front of the priest, I was convicted by my own disgusting spiritual arrogance. Instead of receiving on my tongue, I opened up my hands and lowered my img_4174head.

Some time ago, one of my daughters had a miscarriage. The next time I was at Mass, I decided to receive Our Lord on my tongue. I had purged the spiritual arrogance of earlier years, and I decided it was time to make a deliberate change, one that would remind me of the lost unborn… my lost unborn…in the very moment that I stand before Jesus.

I have had some of my own, and so have my children.

I can’t wait for this election to be over. I have had friends and family explaining why voting for the Democrats and their pro-abortion platform from conception through the final trimester is not wrong.

But this isn’t about whether or not to open my hands for the Lord to come to me or to open my mouth because my hands are less worthy. It isn’t about which way is holier. The Church doesn’t call the way one receives a grave sin or offenses against God of the worst degree or an intrinsically evil act.

It is the holiest thing I do. Ever.

I did the inventory, and I’m ready to receive on the tongue – not that I’m worthy to receive Him at all… But, for those who are wondering, that’s why I changed back.

Some friends and family talk about this election, however, as though it was a similar decision.

It isn’t.

The spiritual arrogance behind that suggestion is staggering.

Please don’t send me all of the posts that match your voting conscience. I have spent a lot of time forming my own conscience. I am about as self-analytical as they come.

I am introspective to a fault.


So, spare me the posts and tracts on that, because, for me, it all seems just a bit spiritually arrogant.

By the way, Jack Chick died today.



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