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Whatsoever is Holy on Monday 32nd Week of Ordinary Time


Today’s Gospel doesn’t seem to fit reality very well.

If your brother sins, rebuke him. 

Like that would go well.

If he repents, forgive him.

Like he might do that.

And if he wrongs you seven times in one day…saying…I’m sorry…forgive him.

Like I wouldn’t flip out after the third or fourth wrong, completely obliterating the possibility of that Hallmark moment where we embrace each other and all is well.

In case my brother is reading this, the post is not about you or us.

And yet, it is about all humanity. It is about every person who has sidelined you, bullied you, talked about you behind your back, caused another to think ill of you, tricked you out of money, dealt with you unfairly, used a bait and switch to get you to serve his purposes…

lied, slandered, stolen, or even killed your spirit…

provoked you to wrath…

and never said I’m sorry or even worse, said I’m sorry for something that barely mattered when the real offenses were left unaddressed.


You are a brother to the God-man.

And so am I.

We have sinned in all of these ways. We have failed to seek forgiveness. We don’t even remember what it means to go to Him. We have forgotten there is a place for the Sacrament, a place for true contrition.

And all too often, we have said we are sorry for something that barely mattered and left before the real offenses were even addressed.

But He is there, and He really does forgive even if you go to him seven times.

And there is no feeling on this planet like getting it all out and hearing the words of absolution.


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