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This Place Looks Like A Cyclone Hit It!

St. Peters in the Loop, Chicago

This place looks like a cyclone hit it.

That’s what Mom used to say when she saw our room. It usually meant my sister and I would be cleaning for most of the morning.

Today’s Gospel Reading, Jesus mounts the steps of the Temple, overturns some tables and says It is written “My house shall be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.”

The whole passage has a back-then kind of sound to it. There hasn’t been a Temple on the Temple Mount since 70 AD.

But look out.

Here comes Mom.

This place looks like a cyclone hit it.

YOU are the Temple of the Lord. He dwells within you — and just look at you!

Baptized and Confirmed, yet you have turned the Temple into a den of thieves.





Hey, sign up for dating sites like Tinder. Or worse. One night stands. Everybody is doing it.

No guard on the eyes.

No guard on the tongue.

If people only knew what you said behind their backs, yet you criticize those who speak their minds openly… but you don’t have the courage to say what you should and the things you shouldn’t say, you say in the privacy of your homes.

You are His Temple. No matter where you speak or what you think, it is said and thought in the Temple of the Lord.

And your top goal is to take that Temple to the highest rung in the corporation, or the lowest level of morality.

No time for Adoration.

Too much alcohol.

Eat whatever you like, as much of it as you like. As long as high-priced clothes still fit and make you look really hot.

So what if I take a few pain pills that are in the medicine cabinet. Nobody will miss just one or two.

And if anyone suggests that I should modify how I treat my own body, they will have hell to pay.

And every day Jesus was teaching in the temple area…

You are beloved of the Father. Created in His Image. The Holy Spirit dwells within you. The Eucharist comes to you.

A living Temple.2014-11-12-23-48-31

A House of Prayer.

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