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Something Akin to a Mount Tabor Moment


It has long been a source of speculation for eschatological theologians, especially fringe Protestant ones.

What do some passages in Revelations mean?

I’m not going to try to answer that one. I think the best answer came from Dr. Scott Hahn in his book The Lamb’s Supper.

I just want to throw this out there. Having been to Mount Tabor and pondered the Transfiguration a time or two…

Does anyone else see a similarity here? Revelations 11?

A voice from heaven.

Two witnesses.

Both bearing testimony prior to the enemy’s strike – and ultimate failure.

These two, like two olive trees, two lampstands, two with power can both prophesy and call forth plagues like water turning to blood.

Like Elijah and Moses.

Something seems like death.

Is death.

Until it isn’t.

I’m ready to go back to Mount Tabor and ponder a little more.



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