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The American Prerogative to Change Her Mind


Maybe it happens to every American who lives past the age of fifty.

You see your country change. You see opinions do a 180 degree turn.

What was once a cliche meant as a slam against women, suggesting that we are all fickle, is now totally an applicative accusation against Americans.

Charles Dickens in American Notes observed how dearly we like to put people on a pedestal just to knock them down again. And, we do.

We also do it with our core beliefs. We set them up. We knock them down.

Our country was once pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-chastity, pro-work ethic, pro-frugality.

We now embrace something else.



Today, I am toying with another memory from the past. There is a growing mindset that Israel is the occupier.

As a child, I was told something quite different, not merely from parents and grandparents, but at school.

Public school.

Our country advocated for the Jewish people to have a homeland.

We were horrified during the late 1970s when the PLO terrorized Israel. It was in our current events. We saw the filmstrips. And we stood with Israel.

Either our country was clueless on so many levels “back in the day,” or we are a fickle country. The American prerogative is to change her mind, again and again.

We keep putting ideas up on pedestals just to knock them down.

We stand on stages and proclaim things to be absolute Truth, only to reverse our position a few decades later and call old ideas archaic, deluded, misinformed and new ideas … progressive.

Truth is unchangeable. But we beg to differ.

I am so very tired of the American audacity to think this modern era can make it up as she goes through history. By “it” I mean truth.

Our children’s children will not agree with our children. They will consider themselves far more progressive than we.

Americans will continue to fulfill Dickens’ observation. Set it up. Knock it down.





Repress … truth.


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