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Tiny House Catholic Show: The Noah House


I want to produce it.

What are you looking for in your tiny house?

Enough storage for two, maybe three, because, you know, we’re open to life.

A functional kitchen, because, well, we won’t have the money to eat out all the time and making memories as a couple in the first year or two, that’s pretty terrific.

Something that can be moved? Not really because her folks are going to let us put it on their property. When babies come, the sitters are close. They are close, but not too close. We can store off-season clothes and equipment with them, but still have the privacy.

Are we looking for a cottage style, rustic style, cabin style or a fifth-wheel? Ask her. Whatever she wants is fine with me. But let’s keep it under 35K.

When does it need to be finished? Not until the wedding. We are waiting–for everything. First, the honeymoon, and then the tiny house.

Any unusual additions? Yes… space for the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. A little place in the sleeping area to hang our rosaries. A wall that can accommodate a nail. We want a Crucifix in plain sight.

Yes, that is how I imagine the show. I keep coming back to this idea. Today’s readings on the Ark took me back to the whole concept. For a space of time, a couple needs to have their own little ark. They need to be able to pair up, get close to God, enjoy the gift of finding one another and the beauty of sharing this space, their space.

And then, they begin to see the signs of bursting at the seams. They are multiplying.

It is time to go forth.

They sell the tiny home. Another couple comes along. And, with a bit of grace, they become the mentors to two more.

The Noah House.


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