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It is the land where faith began.

It is the land where the world will end.

The Alpha and Omega walked there.

The Lord, walking and healing, the Messiah, whose left arm stretched back to the beginning of time and right arm stretches forth to the end.

In the beginning…

Even so, Maranatha…

The Holy Land fascinates me, but it is more than that. It calls to me, but not like a particular country’s culture intrigues a couple and they apply for a spot on House Hunters International.

Not like that.

I need Israel. I need to get off the plane and into a vehicle and start moving closer to The Galilee. I need to see the rocky, dusty, rugged hills and then press farther north.

I need to let The Galilee come into my soul. Shuffle my feet through Capernaum and gaze across the Mount of Beatitudes. I need it to feed me for a space of time until I am ready for the final journey.

The journey to Jerusalem.

The journey to Golgotha. To the Stations of the Cross. To the Tomb.

This year, I am making a retreat of it. A novena. Nine days.

And the ninth day will be my last, which will also be the first day of Lent.

Ash Wednesday.

Come along. Come. Facebook page. Facebook profile.

This website.

Enter the Holy Land Novena where we will prepare for Lent.

I’m taking your hand in mine. Come. Let us go to Israel and usher in these forty days.

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