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Day Six Novena from Israel


I am sick.

The sore throat’s become a cold. I’m stuffy-headed. My ear feels all wrong.

I can’t blow my nose, but it feels like I should.

Two days ago, I worried about climbing a rock wall.

Yesterday, I worried about finding the bus station and getting the car rental returned and getting my body and all my luggage back to Jerusalem.

And finding the hotel again.

I worried. Even though Sunday’s homily was about not worrying.

The flowers of the field, and such.

Today’s worry? What will I do if I get sick?

There really is enough “evil” for each day, as Sunday’s readings said.

And each day there is enough to offer up.

There is something appropriate about feeling physically yucky as one gets ready for praying the Stations of the Cross.

Okay, then.

Thank you, Lord, that I am here, and for all of Your blessings.

I will praie you still.

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