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Pride vs Potential-Awareness


I have two grandsons who are pretty amazing at football. One is in first grade and the other in second grade.


#24 is the big brother. #48 is long and lanky. They are practically the same height.

They love each other, as you can tell, but they are extremely competitive. Well, actually, #24 is competitive. He challenges his younger brother to physical duels all of the time.

This has been going on for a while. The older brother is beginning to suspect that his younger brother is just as fast, just as tough.

But #48 hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

The good news is that #48 isn’t proud or arrogant. He has no cockiness in him. When I said I would come and watch him when he is on the high school football team, he looked down and admitted that he didn’t know if he would be playing then. “I don’t like running and that other stuff.”

“You probably will like it when you are older.” I assured him. I didn’t tell him that something is going to click soon. He is going to realize his potential. He will no longer be trapped in a mindset that tells him that he isn’t quite as fast or competitively matched as his brother.

So many lessons here, not only for #48, but also for me.

While pride is an enemy, a pretty big one, in this spiritual life, self-doubt is also debilitating.

We each have untapped potential for the Kingdom of God. We must work at it. Sure, there is comparison going on. And we can appreciate the gifts in others. But it must not hold us back from reaching our own potential.

This is a team. We are on a team.



We challenge each other to do more, run this race better, become tougher when the hits come.

Forget pride vs. potential.

We are fighting a good fight and need one another.

#48 told me the other day that their team is undefeated. “We are unstoppable,” he said.

And we are.

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