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Published Articles – Diocesan Column

  1. Why I love diocesan newspapers
  2. Advent helps us learn to wait
  3. Despite our fear, we are called to proclaim the Good News
  4. As Catholics, we must act counter to social norms
  5. As Catholics, we must refrain from using our tongues as weapons
  6. Be supercharged: use your gifts and talents for God
  7. Grace abounds every day and brings us closer to God
  8. Spiritual companionship is a gift from God
  9. Let your spirit be sweet, your heart accessible
  10. Spiritual challenges are similar to climbing a tower
  11. As Catholics, we must dare to dance with the Bridegroom
  12. A flow of mercy that overpowers my imperfections
  13. Image of Infant of Prague provokes a turnaround
  14. ‘Storming the heavens’ with prayers for granddaughter
  15. A visit to a shrine becomes a doggone good time
  16. Remember the Author of the journey, all He has done
  17. Phase two of Christmas distribution is a doozy
  18. Work has its place as a prayerful, restorative therapy
  19. Third-grade apologetics – a 90-degree reorientation
  20. If I don’t have love, I am nothing
  21. Each person has a creative flair that is a gift from God
  22. Like grandma’s black skirt, we could all use some spiritual fitting
  23. Our Lady of Good Remedy shows the way
  24. Family’s experiences show that each life is a gift from God
  25. The kneeler’s reminder: We have the Body of Christ
  26. Elderly people deserve more than our society gives them
  27. Catholics should feel like a ‘convert’ now and then
  28. Faith is our journey, grace is a song
  29. Offer it up: Simple message has potential to transform small things into great holiness
  30. Now is the time for unity in the church
  31. Pledging for runners is similar to supporting vocations
  32. Catholic Mass preserves the meaning of worship
  33. He knows your name; so go bear witness to it
  34. Leave your fear on the bench and go get ‘em
  35. A special prayer intention must follow to eternity
  36. Saints are ordinary outside, shiny inside
  37. Star of David shows connection in faith
  38. Skipping church means missing greatest gift ever
  39. Tilting at windmills
  40. God gives us free will to see His great love
  41. Digital world lets us reach more with our faith
  42. Time to stop thinking and just say yes
  43. Our Lenten sacrifices can help us on our journey to be more like Christ
  44. Different approaches can help what ails us
  45. Getting on the same page with our Lord
  46. A broken Nativity set, a faith more complete
  47. Death does not end love’s connections
  48. Offer help to those curious about faith
  49. Understanding the need to venerate saints’ relics
  50. Church has seasoned all human endeavors
  51. I promise my Mother a beautiful rose garden
  52. Learning to view truth’s big picture
  53. Scripture shows need for baptism of infants
  54. Finding beauty in lives of the religious
  55. Finding true peace alone with our Lord
  56. Reviewing, renewing as Year of Eucharist closes
  57. EWTN helped bring seeker home to Rome
  58. No man is an island, and neither is his faith
  59. Create a place for God in home ‘sacred space’
  60. Share Catholic gems with Christian friends
  61. Bread down walls, rebuild with love
  62. Priest is necessary for our confession
  63. Learning about Our Lady (of Guadalupe) in any language
  64. (Not) by popular demand
  65. A sleepover to remember
  66. From grave to grace
  67. In the season of plenty
  68. Signs and wonders
  69. St. Anne
  70. Where even the shadow of death cannot shake us
  71. Worthy of worship
  72. A mother who intercedes
  73. Converted like St. Paul
  74. Lunch with the preacher’s daughter
  75. Most beautiful now
  76. Mothers of prodigal children
  77. Parsonage on Walnut Street
  78. Queenship of Mary
  79. St. Joseph
  80. The IQ of Saints
  81. The love letter
  82. The purple Crayon
  83. The Sign of Woman
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