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Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years

Recently, I interviewed for a new position. Most people dread interviews; I love them.

My favorite question is: “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

It is an oldie but a goody. How would you answer that question?

I have never answered it the way I did a few days ago. I paused, just for a second or two, and thought about it. The answer came to me more strongly than if I my mind had practiced the answer over and over. It wasn’t a case of my mind searching for a good sound bite. It wasn’t about where I would be working. It wasn’t about what title I would have. It had nothing to do with where I would be living or what kind of clothes I would be putting on each morning. It had nothing to do with what hairstyle I would have, how much I would weigh then, or if I would be driving to work or putting on my slippers and sitting at my computer most days.

It wouldn’t matter if my commute required a plane, train or automobile.

Only one answer fits, and the older I get, the more that answer rings true. It is unshakable truth. If I deny this reality or deviate from this path, I will not be happy.

I will not be me.

It is who I was created to be.

I know this. There is no way I will not be sharing the good news of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is what I was born to do. Whether here – I don’t know. On that, I don’t know the mind of Christ. But I will share Christ and His Church.

I haven’t heard back about the interview.

It went well, but I trust in Divine Providence. He really does order all things for the good of those who serve Him. I serve Him, and so does each person who applied and interviewed  for the position. For one of us, sharing Christ matches perfectly with the job description. For the rest of us, only God knows – and I mean that truly. It is no cliche.

So, while I wonder what I will be doing in the years to come, I don’t wonder all that much.

The last time we were in the Liturgical C-cycle of the Missal, we had the same reading on Sunday. The passage from Sacred Scripture is a comfort to me. I have had the verse taped to my bathroom mirror for three years.

The page from the Magnifcat is worn and torn.

My confidence in the verse is stronger than it was three years ago, or eleven years ago when I came into the Church, or 40+ years ago when I asked Jesus Christ to be the Lord of my life.

I know who I am.

I am called.

You have been called, too.

Come, let us share this One with the world, for nothing else matters. It is what we were born to do. Let the truth of it be enough.