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Leveling this word at someone is a sin.

The word, when used to define a person we do not really know, is sin.

It is the worst kind of gossip.

It leads to division, unrest, and evil. Yes, evil.

The sad truth is that the word “racist” is being flung at people right and left today. For the most part, we don’t know each other well enough to make that call.

The crowds thought they knew Jesus. He was a blasphemer. He was a troublemaker. He would ruin them all with his preaching and teaching.

They joined together to bring him down. They ended up killing the Lord of Life.

Here’s the kicker.

When we level an accusation at another person that is as toxic as “racist” when we do not know the heart of that person in a full and complete way, we drive the nails into the hands and feet of Jesus.

We crucify the Lord of Life.

For what we do to another, we do to Him.

Someone once called me a racist Zionist because I love Israel. Spend some time with me and you will discover why I love Israel.

Someone once thought my husband and I were white elitist. Spend some time with us and you will see that we are rural people with biracial grandchildren and a heart for immigrants – especially from countries that speak Spanish. I. Love. That. Language.

Me gusta mucho …

You don’t know me.

My confessor knows me.

God knows me.

My husband knows me.

Nobody else fully knows me.

And I do not fully know you.