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Whatsoever is Holy on Monday of the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time

I seek to get something out of the readings. Sometimes the whole of it comes together in a neat package and the post is elegant. Cohesive. It sounds a little bit like one of my diocesan articles.

Not today. Today is the product of my scrappy reading of the Missal. Something stands out each time I read the two pages with the green ribbon marking my spot.

  1. Don’t hang out with the insolent. Goodness, this is timely. Did you ever look up the word insolent? Rude. Arrogant. Showing lack of respect. Could there be a more accurate word for the days in which we live? To even suggest another is being arrogant or rude is an invitation to be called arrogant and rude.
  2. It seems to me that everyone in the Jericho area just wanted to see. They either wanted to see Jesus (Zacchaeus) or they wanted Jesus to help them see. I belong in Jericho right now. There is a lot I want to see, to know, to understand. I’m not sure where I am going. Jesus, Jesus. I just want to see.
  3. So you can’t tolerate the wicked, the impostors. God has something to say. Fine, but you have forgotten the love you had at first. Get it back.
  4. Stick close to the Lord. You will be like a tree planted near running water. But that isn’t enough. You don’t just get to hang out there. That tree yields its fruit in due season. Bear some fruit, Y’all.
  5. Don’t be like the wicked. Be repentant. Get your humility on. Bow down before you fall down. Because if you don’t, He will remove your lampstand. He will make you like the chaff which the wind drives away. You will vanish along with the way you have walked.

That’s quite a list for a Monday morning when all I want to do is sit in bed and binge watch Amazon shows.

Help me to see. Help me to remember my first love. Help me to bear some fruit today. Help me to be sorry for my sins.